The Maven

Here are a few of my favorite pictures. I use a Panasonic digital camera, Lexar camera cards, Bogen tripod

I am not a professional photographer, but am avid. Here are few important things to remember, some of which you know:

1) Dawn and dusk are the best times to shoot.
2) Always use a tripod. Yeah, it's a pain, but it sits still.
3) Try not to have telephone poles growing out of people's heads. Telephone wires are clutter also.
4) If a picture is really important, take 4 or 5 shots and keep the best one. You won't be sorry.
5) MOST IMPORTANT, realize that photography is like hunting. You may have to sit for hours waiting for the right shot.
And of course, don't drop the camera, don't get it wet, blah blah blah.


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