The Maven

When I lived in the Grand Junction, Colorado area, I took part in the "Tour of the Valley" bicycle tour several times. Great fun that was! There was a choice of a 30, 50, 75, or 100 mile ride. I did the 100 mile ride once with my son, while my wife did the 50 (wimp). In later years I regressed to the 50 mile and even the (embarassing) 30 mile ride in some years. The 100 miler was a workout, even
with training. It went over the Colorado National Monument. Good elevation gain when pooped!
The ride sponsors gave people a good breakfast to get them started and a good after ride meal too. They had rest stops set up with good pick-me-ups. This was all included in the ride fee. It was a little warm, as the ride was in August. Grand Junction is desert. I miss the area and the "Tour". I am not sure that they even still have the event. 2007 is the last year (20th. annual) that I can find any info. on it. That's a shame.

I ride a Mongoose road bike. My wife rides a Raleigh road bike. We both love our Specialized mountain bikes.

HEY MOUNTAIN BICYCLISTS! is a pretty good site. No maps but good descriptions on access directions and rides. Good commentary and feedback with ratings by riders. Just go to "Trail Guides" on their site and click the picture of the state that holds your interest. Can you do that?

Leif Erickson mountain bike trail in Portland, Oregon is nice and shady on a hot day. Portland is of course one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the U.S.A., but Forest Park is still exceptional, even there. L. E. trail traverses the entire north to south length of  Forest Pk., an urban gem. I recommend starting at Germantown Rd., even though the return ride will be mostly uphill. The parking at the other end is a nightmare (Thurman St.). A ride to Hot Lips Pizza on 9th. and back to Germantown makes it a 30 mile out-and-back. I saw a few road bikes on "Leif" but I wouldn't. Cityslickers! A good web resource is Another is the Forest Park Conservancy.

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