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Repeat after me until you believe it: In sports gambling losers bet favorites.

Now that we know something, let's begin tutoring in PRO SPORTS.
1) The best  bet in pro football is the home team underdog within the division. Take the points. The second best bet is also within the division: in the second game of the year between division foes take the team that did not cover the spread in the first game.
2) BE CAREFUL CAREFUL BUT the best bet in pro basketball is the home team dog on the money line if you can get +170 or better, especially if the road team has been away from home for a week or so. Obviously this is a risky proposition, so study carefully. The worst teams do beat the best, though. Look for a game where the good road team just had a big game (i.e. The Lakers just played the Celtics in Boston and are playing an inferior team in a back to back.  The lesser team was off while the Lakers played a huge game. L.A. will have a let-down. They can't help it).
3) In pro hockey, it's a little weird. Hockey is also the easiest bet to win. The bookies don't  pay much attention to it. They don't even care if they lose all the hockey bets (all 2 of them). Certain teams dominate certain other teams, for no apparent reason. For instance, Ottawa wins at New York Islanders. Boston wins at home against Pittsburgh. THESE ARE LONG TERM TRENDS AND MAY NOT WORK ALL THE TIME. I have a whole list of these weird hockey matchups.
4) Baseball-it's the hardest. It doesn't seem like it should be, there's no point spread. Just pick the winner. Guys who specialize in baseball betting usually don't play other sports. They are tuned in. The only thing I know is bet against the sweep. If a team has lost the first 2 in a series (or first 3 in a four game series) take them to win, especially if they have been humiliated in the first games.
I RECOMMEND for FREE sports contests.

Now playoffs: If you want to win over-unders take the under. Defense wins championships. YOU MEAN 2 PROFFESSIONAL BASKETBALL TEAMS CAN'T SCORE 175 POINTS??? TWO BASEBALL TEAMS CAN'T SCORE 7 RUNS? That's right, especially in the later rounds.

College championships: I take the points, but as you can tell, I don no nutttin.

Well, I saw a movie which was released in 2003, "Masked and Anonymous" (because I'm right on top of things), which starred one of my music idols, Bob Dylan. Look at who else was in it: Mickey Rourke, Ed Harris, Christian Slater, Bruce Dern, Angela Bassett, Giovanni Ribisi, Cheech Marin, Val Kilmer, Jessica Lange, Luke Wilson, John Goodman, Penelope Cruz, Jeff Bridges. Sounds great right? Well, it was relentlessly panned by critics. It was pretty overly quirky I guess. Some kind of Dylan quasi-documentary, biography, I think. Great soundtrack though. I got a hold of it right away after seeing the film. (See my "Old Hippies..." music blog, May 2, 2009).

I'm a guy, so I don't like to be dickin' around with this cancer stuff. Biopsy this and that, pee in a jug, get radiated. I want to be golfing, climbing mountains, jumping from rattlesnakes.

You don't have to pay $80 or more for Lagavulin to get a good Isle of Islay single malt. Bowmore is quite good (it's not as peaty) for $30/750ml. They know what's going on. Bowmore is the original LEGAL Islay malt (1779). Do you taste the sea?
I haven't tried Laphroaig, but a guy told me it tastes like an ashtray ($50). To each his own.

We don't have to spend $20 for a Cohiba to get a good smoke. You know Cohibas sold in this country are not Cuban, right? (Unless they are bought on the black market.) The Cubans are exquisite by the way. I don't know how I know. Anyway, try a Macanudo Hampton Court for half the price. They're Dominican like the Cohibas in the U.S.A.

You know what? I'm a guy. I love my sisters. I love my wife. I love my ma. I love my son's girl. I even love my mother-in-law. I love women. But most of the time I gotta say "FLIPPIN' WOMEN" when I listen to what they have to say and think. Don't you women just have to say " Men" when you listen to us? Hope it's not just me. I need to talk to men. They just make sense. Women, I'll tell you what men are thinking: NOTHIN'. There it is. Quite profound. Quite true. Diagnose that.

I BELIEVE GOOD OVERCOMES EVIL. But THE MASSES ARE ASSES trumps that. Just because of volume, evil overcomes.
I BELIEVE THAT THE MEEK SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH. They'll be in hiding while everyone else is killing one another. YEAH, BY DEFAULT, then what would the meek do with it? I think that the squeamish won't run this place too well. "The meek" just might be insects, some of which can eat radioactivity and just mutate easily.

Hey all of you who don't like Obama Yo Mama, he scores a point. He will sign the amendment which allows (concealed) weapons in National Parks. Makes good sense, now we can hunt humans instead of just critters. So bring those Uzis and let's turn these tree-hugger places into nice places like schools and post offices. Will we have to wear flouresent orange to commit murder? That is unclear.
Does an animal hunted for food really know or care that we have an overt or covert weapon? Well this should fix the wagon of the estimated .000236% of wildlife that are looking for concealed weapons. Next we will be allowing bears to wear bunny rabbit masks and retract their claws. MY GOODNESS. I don't know, can the deer have concealed weapons?

The enigmatic species. We are all 99+% the same and 99+% different.?

Well make me into a turnover! Damn I had it backwards. I thought they said "Keep your mouth open and your bowels shut".

I bet all of you single malt connoisseurs wouldn't think Sheep Dip could be a good one. Well it is!

RETIREMENT, we are doing it wrong: Well, right now in the good old U.S.A. they let us retire in our 60's. Then we are free, hopefully for 20 years, to do all the things (mountain climbing, triathlon competitions) that we can no longer get done. Our bodies, if not our minds, have at least slightly deteriorated by retirement time. I have a better idea. Let's put people to work until they are 30 years of age. Then they will have a good taste of work ethic. Then let's have retirement from age 30 to 50, when bodies are in their prime. Then at age 50, back to work, until death do you part. Much better idea, right?

Good old bittersweet life. It's agony and ecstasy. It's catharses and epiphanies. It's nadirs and acmes. Good things, because middle ground, safe ground, makes one bored and boring.

I can't really recommend Bill Maher's quasi-documentary "Religulous". He didn't tell me anything that I didn't already know. You're kidding Bill, organized religion is corrupt? The only thing I can say is that his sweet irreverence comes through loud and clear. Stick to stand-up Wm. You're are the greatest in the world at that.

They say justice is "blind", even though it's not true. Health care should be "blind". Steve Jobs just received a liver transplant because he was "the sickest on the list". I can't dispute those facts nor do I dislike Steve. I just wonder how the family of the next sickest person feels. Was the measurement valid for them? Was it a financial, mathematical formula? I suggest that it was. Justice is not "blind".

It certainly seems to be a common phenomenon that the famous die in groups of three. The week of June 21st, 2009 list: Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson.

Whenever someone dies who everyone liked, the reporters (esp. sports) ask "How Do We Feel?". Everyone says crushed and despondent. Stop asking that question guys. Should we say "Shocked, but pleased", "I saw it coming", "I was like, whatever"? Just stop guys.

On July 10, '09 Juan Uribe became the seventh goat to blow a perfect game for his pitcher in Major League history. He booted a grounder in the 8th. to produce a disappointing no-hitter. Who are the other Dirty 1/2 Dozen? Clue: the years were 1905, '20, '47, '74, '80, '90. Anyway, Wikipedia knows.The two most famous pitchers to be affected were Walter Johnson and Christy Mathewson.

I cheated, there is actually seven goats. In '05 Bill Dahleen and Billy Gilbert both made errors. '20 was Bucky Harris, '47 was Ferris Fain, '74 was pitcher Dick Bosman doing it to himself, '80 was Bill Russell (not that one), '90 was Charlie Hayes. Poor guys!

On July 23 the opposite side of the coin came up. Duane Wise, a defensive 9th. inning replacement, stole a home run from an opposing batter. He thereby allowed his pitcher, Mark Buehrle of the Chicago White Sox, to complete the 18th. perfect game in M.L.B. history. The goat was not Wise.

Is Hillary doing a slow burn as the boss takes center stage on health care reform, which she failed at? Or is she just happy for the common good? Finally, the compassionate politician? I think her, NOT!

Yeah, the National League Allstars lost their lucky 13th. in a row.

"...and the people bowed and prayed to the neon god they made..."--  Paul Simon (1964)
"and where they make a wilderness, they call it peace."--  C. Tacitus (c. 55-c. 120)
"...I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die."--  J. Cash (1932-2003)
"It is the perpetuation of the species that matters-not the perpetuation of any single individual or family or power. The only hope lies in the species becoming what it can and should be."--  U.K.
"You may see a tiny tail poking out through a hole, tug at it, and out comes an elephant."--  F. Fellini (1920-1993)
"It isn't just that the unexpected is part of the journey; it is, in fact, the journey itself."--  F. Fellini
"Baby, you so fine, you make me want to smack myself."-- U.K.   

Is it the "Hall of Shame" or "Sham"? I don't know. But I do know that baseball's hit leader isn't in and football's greatest punter isn't in. (the) Guy never had a punt blocked! And if they can't prove Rose bet AGAINST his team, the "Hall" is a sham.

"He never wanted money. You can't do anything with a man like that.".....Frank (Jack Nicholson) Costello

All of society, including parochial society, is too fixated on accountability instead of morality.

Make mine a mickey! Diverticulitus and/or parasites are certainly a little piece of heaven on earth. I've been going through some fun with that stuff.

The 40th. anniversary of Woodstock was here 8/15/09. Les Paul was gone.

I'm at the point now that I only replace underwear 3 at a time. You don't want to out-live your underwear. And vice-versa. If my undies come out even at the end, it will have been a good life.........UNDIES-0     LIFE SIGNS-0   That's a perfect score.

For my money and taste, Blatz and Black Label are the worst I've tasted. "I'm from Milwaukee and I oughta know..."

No one has a real future. I don't wanna know what happens in a lousy 5 or 50 years. Eons from now, maybe I'd like to know that.

Why the surprise over Tiger's fix? All prodigies are prodigiously deficient in some other area. He'll have to go through the standard process, denial, acceptance, blah blah. Then he can get back to his strength, which is not marriage. Each of us has just so much ability, and if so much of one's ability is tunnel-visioned....
Well, other areas will suffer.

Harpy New Year. Decade. I live in Oregon and had money on the Ducks in Pasadena, but O.S.U. deserved to win. The Ducks played sloppily in game situations.
O.S.U. was very disciplined and had a good coaching plan. They didn't miss field goals and had only 1 meaningless turnover (it was like a punt). I don't feel bad about losing. I and the "House" had it coming in this one, as we misread it.

Do not be easily manipulated. You will have an interesting trait which is not exploitable.

If someone does something to you "not on purpose", is that not the worse-case scenario, as that proves you are a non-person to him/her?

Yeah Windy City on the hockey dudes! And the best is the Golden Jet got to see it. That will never happen for Mr. Cub.

I grieve for the species. I lament the human condition. Other than that, I cultivate the sweet suffering that we live for. What do I want to be when I grow up? An enigmatic anonymity.

I always knew D. McNabb was a loser. In Monday night's game (Nov. 15) he also removed his heart.

2/11/'s  the thing. Can the Cleveland Cavaliers win this huge game tonight against the Los Angeles Clippers? Then can they go winless for the rest of the season after that, including a loss at home to (winless on the road) Washington NBAers? That's the perfect storm. Then the Cavs would tie Philly's season record with only 9 season wins and break their own record of 26 losses in a row (if it ends tonight) with 28 straight losses to end the season. Here's how: win tonight gives them 9-45 record, losses the rest of the year gives them 9-73 and 28 in a row! If I could have seen the future! The odds were 100 light years to one against.

On the Dynamics of Incurable-
every time i get bad news it makes me more determined...within the framework of respecting the opponent, i expect to fight and win...symptomatically things are rough, psychologically not improbable...lacking a point of reference, how am i doing?...migrating elusive symptoms...angiogenesis blows...the enemy is dynamic and multifaceted.
On the Dynamics of Man-
we move relentlessly from womb to tomb, not just individually but as a species...genius, just another word for idiot savant (to the tune of "Me and Bobby McGee)...the pain of self indulgence when the truth was made quite clear.
Mankinds Greatest Losses-
MOTHER TERESA, MAHATMA GANDHI, FRANK ZAPPA...that's just off the top of my head...Janis and Jimi, great musical loss.

Very Long Day for the Author...Momma's in the Basement Mixin' Up the Medicine, I Am on the Pavement

"A day in the life", AUGUST 15, 21st. century, by ramblin' rose...

cracklin' Rosie, we're gonna ride 'til there ain't no more to go

4 in the morning and up and at 'em. Played the "best public course" in Utah, "Sand Hollow". Strikingly beautiful. Bunkers suck, red dead clay and stones. Can't be the best therefor. If they are going to do that dead bunker thing, just rather extend the desert in strips. Don't call a hole in the desert a bunker. That's not "natural" as the claim is. It's a hole with a big lip. BUNKERS HAVE SAND ON A REAL COURSE! Cost me and everyone I played with 6 strokes. Bunkers are not supposed to be for chipping practice off of hard-pan.
Went then to try to get reasonably priced (low-income) cancer care. That's tough under the best of circumstances, but I am not a Latter Day Saint. I was put on ignore. St. George was hotter than Hades with a nice blast furnace breeze.
Then topped it off with Land Hill petroglyphs in the Santa Clara River Reserve. Awesome stuff and 50 mile per hour winds on the hill where the "rock writings" (or Tempi'po'op in Southern Paiute) were.
I had to plan some things to make the drive worthwhile (80 miles one way) as I knew the cancer clinic was wasting their and my time. Guess they wanted to just see my face. They want me to apply for Social Security disability. Duh, I'm working. You can't be working to get SS disability. I TOLD THEM I WAS WORKING! They want me to apply for Medicaid too, even though the clinic administrator said that nobody gets approved for it. Wastin' time on this bull. I make like 5K a year for golly sakes. What needs to be known? I can't afford cancer care. Period. Uninsurable with PREEEXISTINGCONDITION. In Oregon if a family had more than $2000 couldn't get any medical help. Yeah 2K covers most cancers.
Boy, when I'd rather drink water than beer it is hot! On the drive home was lucky to keep the temp gauge on the vehicle under 230 degrees. Got to get a fan clutch before I get to Scottsdale, Az. to play Troon North (The Monument), one of the best golf courses on the planet. Because the sand bunkers have sand! And it's strikingly beautiful. And it's a Tom Weiskopf.
Two really strong beers (1 Lithuanian, 1 Guinness Stout) and two great cheap cigars, then dinner at 8 brings me to bed with "She got legs and knows how to use them".
A little spin of the bed, woke up, fell out of bed, got me up to write this nonsense. Goodnight. Working tomorrow for free but it's all good. Livin' where I wanna die. Which ain't St. George. Don't care if I never go there in the summer again. I don't need cancer care in the summer.
Kanab..."The Greatest Earth on Show"...Heaven on of the best on the planet...NO ONE SPEAKS ENGLISH HERE IN THE SUMMER!!!

Our 5 main problems in our country: Our health care mess, our lack of a middle-class mess, our lousy food mess, our lack of legalized drugs (tax revenue), our lack of "gifting clubs"

Five Easy Pieces 09/27/12

1) I don't understand why the Elephants can't keep their footsies out of their mouthsies. And can't put them in far enough to shut up. Where is my Candidate? Nevermore? If the debates don't offer a Republican platform other than "get Obama out" I am afraid it is hopeless. This should be the last time Republicans try to win with the white male vote only. Otherwise, extinction.

2) "I don't know the same things you don't know." The rest of the show (Corner Gas) is good also, especially the first episodes of season 2 and most of season 5, but the closing tune is the best. It is simply true; we all don't know a darn thing. But we think we know it all. If we are around a long as the dinosaurs (were and are), then we prove we know. Do you believe in the dinosaurs and the Holocaust?

2) Until (I or you) can turn to any person on the street and say "I care about you" this world cannot be righted. It shouldn't be just "do unto others". It should be "I care about others". Without the gossip and sniping. Our own little worlds constrict and constrict.

3) A Navaho vagrant spare-changed me the other day in Flagstaff. I remember "making a living" that way in Chicago. But I was an eighteen-year-old, not serious. The tribe seems to have fallen into a permanent melancholy. Even warfare would be an improvement. In retrospect I would have given him $50 to take a series of black-and-whites. But of course he would hang onto the "no pictures" tradition. The proud hang onto the "alcoholism" tradition. Otherwise kind of melancholy. Soulless? but for the hogans and a new car at every driveway. Those are cleansing, the both. They have some great mural artists starving.

4) The report on almonds and cardiovascular exercise:
The lowering of cholesterol by 45 points should take longer than a month. But I did it. One ounce of almonds per day and a heart rate of 88-100 (the parameters for my age may be achieved through walking, running, swimming, wheel-chair racing, etc.) for 1/2 hour brought my cholesterol down into range. My low-density lipoprotein is still too high but I'm working on it. Have proteolytic enzymes been part of the equation? Now with less inflammation because of less protein and cholesterol hanging around, seems my bone on bone (or cartilage) hurts more. With less inflammation the brittle areas bang together. But it has been a good trade-off. I guess. Well my arteries are more hopeful.

don't know the same things you don't know...

Two mumble-mouths who are a lot smarter than you think: Iron Mike (Tyson) and Dubya (G W Bush)



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